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Love What You Eat!
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#870 - 6700 46 Street, Olds, AB, T4H 0A2

Quiznos Olds

Dine in or Take out!
Catering and platters.

Quiznos Olds
Almost every Quiznos® sandwich is made with freshly-sliced meats and veggies piled high over our artisan bread. Then we perfectly toast your sandwich (in a real oven) until it’s golden brown, so each bite is full of flavour.


Quiznos Olds


Quiznos® special recipe soups are prepared the old-fashioned way—with fresh ingredients, simmered slow and served hot.


Quiznos Olds

Snack-size Sammies are made with freshly-sliced meats, melted cheeses, veggies, special spices, and folded into a toasted Flatbread sandwich that fits in your hand.



Quiznos, Olds is in the Cornerstone Shopping Center

mmm... TOASTY!